High Speed Burs
Available to manufacturers as well as dealers. 
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Quality Features

M2 Steel - THE Superior High Speed Steel

Guaranteed Hardness - Rockwell 63-65

Spiral Cut - Increases Performance, Retains Sharpness, and Reduces Loading

Available Sizes

Size Chart One: Round, Bud, Cone, Setting, 90° Bearing Cutter, 45° Bearing Cutter Cylinder, Square Edge Wheel

Size Chart Two: Slim Reamer, Cone Reamer, Inverted Cone, Tree, Round Edge Wheel, Flame

High Speed Bur Sets: 90° Bearing Cutters, 45° Bearing Cutters, Setting, Round, Bud, Cone, Flame

Ask about our High Speed...

Pearl Peg Burs

Bark Burs

Large 1/8" Shank Burs

All High Speed and Carbide Burs are standard with 3/32" shanks. Burs with 1/8" shanks may be special ordered.

If you don't see the bur you need, contact us for a special order quote.

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Ask about our regrind service - available for all Spearhead burs. 
You'll get a "like-new" bur for a fraction of the price.

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